Laatst geboekte Online Social Game is de Escape Room @ Home - Oriënt Express (16+ jaar)

Manhattan (16+)

Mitchel and Erica live on the 67th floor of a penthouse in New York. They wanted to enjoy the sun in Central Park, but there is a major disturbance in the entire building. Everything runs on the emergency power for 1 hour, so you can still use the lift quickly, but then the safety code must first be deciphered ... Will you help Mitchel and Erica? This game is suitable for everyone from 16 years and older.

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In het kort:

Speelduur: max. 1 uur
Vanaf €9,99 per Escape Room
Te spelen in teams van 1-5 personen
Start de game wanneer je maar wil
Speel de game op één tablet of smartphone per team (géén Chromebook)
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