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Escape Tour Milan

Born in 1950, Renato Vallanzasca already went astray on his 8th birthday. At the age of 11 he became the youngest gang leader in the world and at the age of 16 he kidnapped the daughter of the richest man in Milan. However, that was not a success. He was arrested but soon managed to escape from prison. The city is immediately hermetically sealed, so Renato has to look for the secret exit of Milan. With the Escape Tour Milan you follow in the footsteps of Renato.

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In het kort:

Speelduur: ca. 2 uur
€29,95 per Escape Tour
Te spelen in teams van 2-4 personen
Start de game wanneer je maar wil
Beschikbaar in meer dan 45 steden met elk een uniek verhaal