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Escape Tour Porto

In the history of Porto it happened quite often that the Douro river bursts his banks and is flooding the city. During the last flood you found a weird bottle with a codex 'invicta'. The Codex has a secret that the high society, 'the Illuminati', is very eager to destroy. They will arrive to the city within 2 hours to find and destroy the big secret. With the Escape Tour of Porto you, the Cryptologists, will need to follow all the clues to escape before the arrival of the Illuminati.

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Speelduur: ca. 2 uur
€29,95 per Escape Tour
Te spelen in teams van 2-4 personen
Start de game wanneer je maar wil
Beschikbaar in meer dan 45 Nederlandse en 100 Europese steden met elk een uniek verhaal!